String Theory For Dummies
Andrew Zimmerman Jones
with Daniel Robbins

String Theory for Dummies


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String Theory For Dummies

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Note: The following sections are excerpts from the book that have been posted on the website. In some cases the titles are taken from the book, but in others the content appears to have been edited and a title that they thought would fit was added. This has caused some problems. For example, "String Theory's Notions of the Big Bang Theory" actually has virtually nothing directly to do with String Theory - even if String Theory is totally false, every idea from that article are still true (so far as we know).

The Basic Elements of String Theory

The Successes of String Theory

Considering String Theory's Setbacks

Einstein's General Relativity Theory: Gravity as Geometry

The Start of the Universe with String Theory

String Theory's Notions of the Big Bang Theory

The Universe's Dark Matter and Dark Energy

String Theory and the Thermodynamics of a Black Hole

String Theory and the Black Hole Information Paradox

The Theory of Parallel Universes

What is String Theory? - Physics

Indiana Public Radio interview

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