String Theory For Dummies
Andrew Zimmerman Jones
with Daniel Robbins

String Theory for Dummies


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String Theory For Dummies
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String Theory For Dummies brings the latest plain-language information about this amazing theory to your fingertips. How did research into particle physics lead to the development of string theory? What does it tell us about the fundamental nature of matter? What does string theory have to say about black holes, dark matter, dark energy, gravity, and other startling aspects of our universe? Once you read String Theory For Dummies, you will understand how string theory connects with these other ideas.

String theory is probably one of the most complex topics out there, so I get a lot of questions about the theory ... and even more questions wanting to know how I wrote about it. The answer is: research, research, research! I also have to give credit to the excellent assistance of my collaborator, string theorist Daniel Robbins, who went over the book in detail several times to make sure I wasn't going too far afield in a topic that is already highly speculative.

Want to know what string theory is? You can read many exciting excerpts in the Free Stuff section. (A full "String Theory Resources" section is coming soon!)

Reviews of String Theory For Dummies!

"One would almost think it impossible to make something as recondite as string theory clear to laypeople, but Jones pulls it off with wit and panache.... this book is a worthy companion to Hawking and Mlodinow's A Briefer History of Time. Highly recommended." - Robert J. Sawyer, author of FlashForward, the basis for the ABC hit series!

"... we'd all like to understand quantum physics, string theory, and other cool new stuff and impress people with scintillating cocktail party bon mots. But many of us are afraid. Well, fear no more ... " - Mensa Bulletin

Indiana Public Radio interview

I've been fortunate to receive some great opportunities to promote String Theory For Dummies, including an appearance on the nationally-syndicated radio show Science Fantastic, hosted by popular physicist & string theorist Michio Kaku. (In fact, Kaku's 1994 book Hyperspace was where I first learned of string theory!)

My first radio interview, back in November 2009, was with Indiana Public Radio. Now you can listen to the audio from this interview.